Big congrats on your win in HVAC Contractors category. Your hard work in Burlington has really paid off! Your success is not just a personal win, it's a big win for the Canadian entrepreneur community.

With this win, Flashe Gas is now a vital part of the Canadian Choice Community, a distinguished network of Canada's finest entrepreneurs and businesses. Together, we're growing stronger and helping each other succeed. Well done, Flashe Gas!


As a Canadian Choice Winner, you get to choose how to show off your big win. We have curated winner packages for you, all made to celebrate your achievement just the way you want.

Celebrate your win, your way!


Digital Celebration Kit

Gain instant recognition with our Digital Celebration Kit. Enhance your online presence and credibility with digital assets that proudly showcase your achievement, perfect for boosting your brand’s image.

  • Digital Winner Badge: Your achievement's digital symbol.
  • Digital Posters: Ideal for online and on-site display of your success.


Trophy Showcase

The Trophy Showcase offers a tangible symbol of your success. It’s ideal for enhancing your business’s reputation and providing a physical reminder of your industry excellence that you can display with pride.

  • Includes everything from the Digital Celebration Kit
  • Custom Social Media Posts: Ready-to-use customized social media posts to announce your win.
  • Trophy Package: An elegant trophy, personalized letter, keychain, and pen, all commemorating your achievement.
  • Social Media Spotlight: We'll feature your win on our social media stories, amplifying your success to our wide audience.

Note: Our trophies are limited and will be given out based on your package choice.


Amplified Recognition

With the Amplified Recognition Package, elevate your market visibility. Benefit from our promotional efforts that put your business in the spotlight, increasing your reach and influence in your industry and beyond.

  • Everything from the Trophy Showcase Package.
  • Social Media Highlight: We'll highlight your win across our social media platforms.
  • Virtual Interview Feature: Share your story in an exclusive online interview.
  • Custom Social Media Posts: Tailored social media graphics for you to spread the word.
  • Priority Trophy Dispatch: Get your trophy and goodies faster.

Note: Our trophies are limited and will be given out based on your package choice.


The Gala Experience

The Gala Experience is the ultimate celebration of your achievement. It offers unparalleled networking opportunities at our exclusive gala, and prioritized trophy distribution, setting you apart as a leader in your field.

  • Includes everything from the Amplified Recognition Package
  • Priority Trophy Access: Secure your trophy quickly, thanks to priority dispatch in light of limited availability.
  • Table at Winner's Gala: Enjoy a dedicated table at our Spring 2024 Gala, mingling with industry leaders.
  • Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities: Leverage unique chances to increase your brand's exposure.
  • Custom Business Collaterals: Enhance your business with bespoke standees, window decals, and more!
  • In-Person Interview & Video Feature: Benefit from a personal interview and a video highlighting your success.

Note: Our trophies are limited and will be given out based on your package choice.


All winners, regardless of package selection, are esteemed champions in their respective fields. Whether you opt for the additional packages or choose to claim your free Digital Celebration Kit, it is a recognition of your hard-won success.

The costs associated with the tiered packages are solely for covering production and operational expenses, ensuring that your achievement is commemorated with the highest quality and care. Through this journey, you’re not just earning recognition; you’re actively supporting the Canadian Choice Award. This initiative is about more than awards; it’s about building a strong community of businesses across Canada.


Canadian Choice Award is where we celebrate the heart and soul of Canadian entrepreneurship. This isn’t just an award; it’s a community of dreamers, doers, and innovators from all across our country. Here, we come together to share stories, offer a helping hand, and cheer each other on. Join us in celebrating not just achievements, but the journey and the people who make our business community so special.


Upon confirmation of your order, you can generally anticipate receiving your trophy within 2-4 weeks. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

Absolutely! Choosing the Digital Celebration Kit still recognizes you as a Canadian Choice Award winner. This package is designed to celebrate your achievement and enhance your business’s visibility.

The Trophy Showcase includes all the elements of the Digital Celebration Kit, and it adds a Custom Certificate, an Elegant Trophy, a Branded Pen, and a Keychain. These additional items provide a more tangible commemoration of your achievement, offering a physical representation of your success.

Yes! If you wish to upgrade, please reach out to our team. It is important to note that trophy availability is extremely limited. We strongly advise ordering your trophy now to ensure you can proudly showcase your well-deserved win.

Winners are chosen through a comprehensive process involving independent analysis, assessment of community impact, responses to a detailed business questionnaire, and feedback from nominator forms. This multifaceted approach ensures a fair and thorough evaluation of each candidate’s merits.

Once all categories have been announced, the complete list of winners will be available on our official website. We will also update you with a custom page link for your city in January, where you can view your and fellow winners’ details.


Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.